Cool Facts about Grass

Cool facts about grass!

Did you know?

You shouldn’t let your lawn grow too tall before you cut it.
When you cut off more than 1/3 of the length of the grass-blade, it causes the grass to go into shock. Grass gets its food by converting the sun’s energy by photosynthesis. When you chop off more than 1/3 you are cutting the grass’s food supply by how much you cut off. I personally wouldn’t like my food to be cut drastically like that, would you?
Grass shouldn’t be cut too short.
Like I said above, grass gets its food by the sun. When grass is cut too short, it starves the plant. The plant then has to put all of its efforts into growing as fast as it can so it can get its food supply back. The root system gets neglected and the grass shoots up faster than it would if it were cut at a healthy length. When grass is too short, the sun has direct contact with the soil causing it to dry out faster. Do you really like having to water your lawn more often than is needed?
Watering infrequently actually helps your lawn.
When grass is watered for short periods of time the roots don’t have to stretch to get water. Roots like to be lazy when they can. If there getting plenty of water and never have to make an effort, roots will not grow deep down into the soil. There are many benefits of having deeply rooted lawns. When there is a shortage of water, the top soil will start to dry out. If you have deep roots, this wont matter because there is still plenty of moisture deeper into the soil. If you have a healthy root system, your grass will be able to reach that moisture deep under ground and not have the need for additional watering.
Grass does NOT like dull mower blades.
Dull mower blades tear the grass instead of cutting it clean and crisp. When grass is torn, it browns the tip of the grass and its more vulnerable to get infected. Infections can be the culprit of large spots of random brown or yellow grass in the lawn. Dull blades sometimes don’t even cut the grass, but instead rip it straight out of the ground. This has obvious effects to the overall health of your lawn.
Grass cutting are really good for your lawn!
When you leave the grass clippings on your lawn, the clippings decompose back into the soil. This decomposition gives your lawn TONS of nutrients and good food. Its like giving your lawn a super healthy boost every time you cut your grass! Grass roots grow and thrive from this healthy boost and can provide better nutrients to the grass blades.